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A Bronze in Cyber for “The Original Click” Volkswagen campaign

Our “The Original Click” Volkswagen campaign has received a Bronze Lion in Cyber at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2012. Special thanks for Victor Britto and Andre Almeida, my partners in crime. I like very much this campaign due to its simplicity.

As automotive leader in Brazil, Volkswagen has a large market for spare parts; but also many competitors that are able to offer more affordable prices, though, usually not sharing the same high standard as VW’s genuine parts. It’s a very crucial market for the brand that not only directly affects its business, but also the safety of many costumers and cars.

Covers and specially poor covers of original songs and videos are extremely popular on Youtube, usually sharing millions of views. Media placement and social media, as a whole, are a valuable tool for branding, but also offer many challenges. And memes, as many call them, are the perfect opportunity for sharing video content and conveying the idea of “originality”.

After a long research identifying the most popular Internet memes in Brazil on Youtube, we’ve placed banner ads across all poor imitations stating “Don’t accept imitations. Prefer Original Parts” and inviting users to click. We know how banners can often be overwhelming and annoying to consumers, therefore, we’ve decided to direct the users to the original content, making the experience more entertaining rather than typically redirecting them to the brand corporate website.

By promoting the “originality”, we’ve created an effective and engaging way to influence millions of people that enjoy watching original content on Youtube. Given the popularity certain videos have, we made it even more efficient. The message had the right tone, for the right audience.

The same campaign was shortlisted in the Media category few days ago.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is considered the largest gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators and marketers. The event sets the benchmark for excellence in creative communications.

- Posted by rrraul on 22/06/2012