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Two Bronze at the Sao Paulo Creative Club Annual

The São Paulo Creative Club Festival is the most important festival in Brazil and recognises the best creative work done every year in the most competitive market in the country. Like every advertising festival around the world recently, it has changed from being a festival purely focused in advertising to become one more multi disciplinary and more creative. This year, the 10th anniversary of the festival, the event was accompanied by many seminars with professionals from different areas and countries, the most international so far.

Nice to find out that we’ve been awarded at the Sao Paulo Creative Club Annual with two Bronze for our campaign for VW’s new Space Cross in two categories: TV/Animation and Digital/Animation/Motion Graphics.

The work was created at AlmapBBDO for Volkswagen Brazil and produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo and it is probably one of my favourite projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. The campaign was based on brazilian folkloric legends “The Legend of the Headless Mule” and “The Legend of the Saci” and was comprised by 2 films, 2 posters and 1 iPad app.

The Legend of the Headless Mule: The Headless Mule is a character in Brazilian folklore. In most tales, it is the ghost of a woman that has been cursed by God for her sins and condemned to turn into a fire-spewing headless mule, galloping through the countryside from Thursday’s sundown to Friday’s sunrise.

The Legend of the Saci: Saci is a character commonly regarded to be the best known character in Brazilian folklore. He is a one-legged youngster who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes (usually in the middle of a dust devil). Considered an annoying prankster in most parts of Brazil, he will nevertheless grant wishes to anyone who manages to trap him or steal his magic cap.

The work:

“The Legend of the Headless Mule”

“The Legend of the Saci”

An interactive book was created.

Also, thanks for my partners in crime at AlmapBBDO Luciana Haguiara and Sandro Rosa.
More about the “The Legend of the Headless Mule”, “The Legend of the Saci” and the “The Legend of the Saci app”.

- Posted by rrraul on 03/09/2012