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This is a research blog for my MA in Visual Effects @ Ravensbourne, UK.

Concept and Prototyping

Last semester in PG02, we invested most of our time identifying and exploring current technologies that are being applied within communication and design industries and practices with a special focus in cross disciplinary approach. Practically, the unit was focused on understanding the role of technology in key areas of our subject, offering the opportunity to experiment and learn by working in a series of practical 5 week projects.

To sum up, we had a first experience getting to know the group working on a pitch where we should present a creative idea visually. This involved from my side helping with the coordination, shooting and directing and helping with some visual assets for the project besides part of the editing. The second project was individual and I decided to explore more about creative coding, concentrating my work around Cinder, a library for professional-quality creative coding in C++. I had some fun working with Cinder and Microsft Kinect. This was also a nice introduction to rapid prototyping with Artec 3D scanner and Artec Studio for scanning. For the last project, we worked with 3D Stereo which was also very interesting - but challenging in terms of group work (which was also a not bad experience).

This semester we will continue our explorations in the PG04 Concept and Prototyping unit, which will focus (surprise!) on experimenting with conceptual and practical prototyping processes in a series of practical projects. But there’s a difference here. We will base our activities on the work we have developed during the PG01 Research Process unit. To make it short, the beauty of it is that we will focus on a more specific area of interest that will lead us to our final project.

What I expect is to explore in the coding field, specially physical installations. Though at the same time, concentrating some time on 3D and compositing softwares and film. I also want to focus on developing more consistent interdisciplinary projects.

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