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This is a research blog for my MA in Visual Effects @ Ravensbourne, UK.

Emotiv 002

The second experiment uses a Twirl Distortion patch in Quartz Composer. This patch rotates pixels around a point to give a twirling effect. You can specify the number of rotations as well as the center and radius of the effect. By mapping the coordinates of the effect to the position the user is looking we are able to implement the data input from the Emotiv to the cursor in the Quartz composition. With Quartz we take the benefit of having full hardware acceleration. It is quite impressive and actually we can run all the compositions at the same time smoothly.

One of the Emotiv possibilities is that we can integrate to the Unity or other game engines. I haven’t test it yet, but it might be a useful way to interact with games and this should be an interesting path to take.

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