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This is a research blog for my MA in Visual Effects @ Ravensbourne, UK.

Emotiv 004

Interesting how I could use the custom app I’ve written for my first physical installation and my knowledge using DMX protocol to enable a user using an Emotiv headset to interact with real objects. With the lasers, the first challenge was to change its patterns by using the brain interface. The laser projector I’m using has a number of DMX channels that control different parameters on how the laser is projected - we can control parameters such as x-axis, y-axis, zoom, and the patterns the laser is able to produce.

Using a similar setup with DMX protocol, the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface and a custom Cinder application, for this project I assigned the values I was reading from the Emotiv to the pattern channel. The way I did that was to implement a small change on how the pattern channel input was read. Again, having a minimum viable product in mind was the right approach for me, allowing me to do a larger number of projects with a simple and effective way.

The result was very interesting and I had a sort of surreal feeling controlling laser reactions without using any sort of “normal” interface. The music also contributes for a creepy atmosphere. Cool.

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