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This is a research blog for my MA in Visual Effects @ Ravensbourne, UK.

The 50 Year Horizon

For the conclusion of the Business and Innovation unit, we should produce a paper setting out a strategy for taking a business to the market, securing early stage investment and taking in consideration the long term horizon. We had to answer how the project would evolve and respond to potential economic and political changes in the future, more precisely looking 50 years ahead, when radical innovation would likely to be necessary.

For this exercise, I’ve “developed” a multidisciplinary company focused on brand content, digital media and creative software tools. By analysing current trends such as 3D printing and future projections in macroeconomics and production, the company would evolve to product development. Important to notice that this was an exercise and it shouldn’t be taken as too too serious. First, I am not a futurologist, I’m quite bad in predicting things, but I must say, I had good fun reading and thinking about “stuff”.

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