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Room 205

Room 205 is an installation project I’ve been working on for my MA. It consists of a custom app written in Cinder (a C++ library for creative coding), lasers and haze machines controlled purely by music. The idea behind the project came from a frustrated attempt to understand our perception of reality and films. Even though it’s relatively fair to say it’s not directly related to visual effects as we would expect it, I wanted to play with the idea of special effects in the age of cgi, offering a real experience; enhancing viewers’ experience in art installations and other innovative digital mediums. By incorporating computer programs to installation art, it’s possible to set almost unlimited possibilities of behaviours and responsive decisions based on physical inputs, taking in consideration the use of sensors, computer vision, cameras, microphones among other things. I find the field of physical installations and specially lighting really interesting. My role: creative, artist, developer.

Music by @c (computers) + Carlos Zíngaro (violin) live at Natal dos Experimentais 2012, Passos Manuel, Porto, 2012.12.14. (Crónicast)

Made with Cinder.